The expert team at Roadline Removal Group operate nationally, 
servicing the civil contracting, airport, mining, and defence industries,
as well as local and state governments, and federal municipalities.


Who we are

With over 20 years’ experience providing asphalt retexturing, runway rubber removal, line removal, friction testing, pavement cleaning, shotblasting, and a range of other pavement maintenance services, Roadline Removal Group are the premier pavement services company in Australia.

Employing over 50 highly experienced staff across the country, Roadline Removal Group can provide clients, and stakeholders with the very best in modern pavement marking removal and rejuvenation options.

Our fully automated fleet of vehicles compliments this experience by ensuring that works are performed safely, and with minimal disruption.

Roadline Removal Group proudly use environmentally friendly ultra-high pressure water blasting with vacuum waste recovery; capturing all waste water, and removing using certified waste management procedures.




An unrivalled fleet of waterblast, shotblast, and grinding equipment ensures Roadline Removal Group through their experience can prescribe the best treatment for your project.

Linemarking in Paint, Thermoplastics, or Cold Applied Plastics can be removed effectively, promptly, and cleanly using our modern equipment.

Markings are removed quickly and efficiently in fully shrouded systems. Concurrent vacuum recovery ensures no loose waste or debris, so that worksites are left clean and safe.

Our range of Waterblasting units are strategically located in all major States to service both large city, and smaller regional areas alike.

Methodologies include systems to target all substrates including asphalt, concrete, or interlocked pavers. Roadline Removal Group’s equipment is fully automated, so that there are no workers on foot, and there is little disruption to public road users.

Fully calibrated plant ensures safe and accurate performance, ensuring pavement longevity, compliance, and integrity.




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