Road Shot Blasting

For capture shot blast retexturing, Roadline Removal Group are the most well-equipped company in Australia. Shot Blasting improves the micro texture of the concrete and asphalt pavement surfaces; increasing skid resistance friction values and texture depth.

Using graded steel shot, fired at high velocity, the Road Pro 6200 restores road skid resistance by profiling the aggregate whilst removing excess binder from the surface.






The Road Pro 6200 is Australia’s largest self-contained shot blasting unit. With high pressure steel ball bearings, and a fully enclosed capture system, the Road Pro 6200 is the ultimate in road micro texture re-surfacing. All waste is stored and transported by Roadline Removal Group using certified waste management procedures; ensuring that all environmental regulations are adhered to.

Using laser texture depth measuring devices, Roadline Removal Group deploy compliant quality assurance systems throughout the project, providing accurate ‘before and after’ data of surface texture.