Road Surface Preparation

The key to good surface coating and application, including the installation of Linemarking and pavement treatments, is sound preparation. Cleaning surface contaminants; concrete curing compound removal on aviation aprons prior to Linemarking; polyplane grinding old thermoplastics off asphalt prior to installing Cold Applied Plastic; or simply cleaning off exposed aggregate to keep the pavement looking sharp, are all very achievable with the correct equipment and know-how.

Roadline Removal Group proudly own and operate all their own inhouse equipment, utilizing the best in field machinery available.






Roadline Removal Group operate the biggest fleet of road surface preparation equipment in the Australian market. With offices in every State and Territory; and machinery readily available there is no job too small or large for Roadline Removal.

Roadline Removal Group currently operate 8 Stripe Hog 3000 waterblasting units for line removal, pavement cleaning, surface preparation and rubber removal. Additionally, the largest self-contained steel ball bearing shotblasting machine; the 6200 Pro is in constant use on highways, and major road networks, improving the micro texture of concrete and asphalt substrates.