Road Retexturing

Wheel path rutting, binder flushing, and skid resistance texture issues are all eliminated by Roadline Removal Group’s water blast and shot blast road retexturing methodologies.

High-pressure water jetting is used to cut excess binder from the road surface through a series of ultra-fine nozzles, using specially designed blast jet heads. Removing excess binder and oils from the flush bitumen surface increases the macro texture of the pavement surface, restoring the texture depth and skid resistance properties of the pavement.

The water pressure, adjusted from a computer system within the vehicle, can be optimized to suit different road characteristics and desired outcomes. This fine-tuning capability adjusts the volume of binder which is removed, ensuring critical seal and aggregate integrity is maintained.

In the case of concrete pavements or polished aggregates, Roadline Removal operate some of the largest mobile shot blast equipment available, to efficiently reinstate surface micro-texture.






Roadline Removal Group operate 8 waterblast road retexturing units nationally, as well as the RETEX Cleanstar – the world’s largest, most advanced retexturing unit. Using adjustable blast heads, these machines are designed to carry out retexturing projects to the full width of the roadway, or single wheel paths as required.

With environmentally sound waste capture capability, the retexturing units separate solid waste from liquid waste, which is then disposed of using our certified waste management procedures.

Compliant quality assurance reports are generated using the latest laser texture depth measuring devices; giving accurate ‘before and after’ data of surface texture.