Airport Line Removal

Roadline Removal Group has had a presence in the aviation space for over 15 years. With airside works a specialty of Roadline Removal, no job is too small for our capable team. Operating with safe, proven methodologies and no hazardous or flammable substances means Roadline Removal Group can execute works with peace of mind that costly airside delays will not be encountered.

The process deployed by Roadline Removal is fully shrouded, with vacuum recovery of all waste and debris. This ensures no FOD risk in operational areas of the airfield. Roadline Removal regularly performs works for Defence, Mining, Regional, and International Airports using water blasting technologies which help preserve the pavement and surrounding surfaces.







With the largest fleet of Waterblasting equipment in Australia, and ASIC approved security clearance, Roadline Removal Group’s staff are well versed in airside works. No harmful chemicals are used in our procedures; simply ultra-high pressure water with equipment designed to remove paint and markings without damaging the pavement.

Roadline Removal Group offers pavement maintenance programming or can mobilise for planned maintenance shutdowns and emergency works.