Road Pavement Cleaning

Unsightly paint spills, fuel and oil deposits, redundant seal coats, and unwanted grime and grease on large scale pavements can be removed using Roadline Removal’s large range of water blasting options. High pressure water blasting with the Stripe Hog 3000 allows the removal of all surface contaminants without harming the substrate or unravelling the road surface.

This process is particularly efficient on large areas of concrete and asphalt where conventional gurney cleaning won’t suffice, and doesn’t leave behind large masses of water and debris – all collateral is picked up via the vacuum waste recovery unit on the vehicle.

Emergency spills can be quickly contained and recovered for disposal in an environmentally responsible manner.







Roadline Removal Group can provide specialist advice on all pavement cleaning requirements and has equipment mobile and ready to service all areas. The Stripe Hog’s ultra-fine blast jets allows the water to work on smooth surfaces or rough-edged surfaces, such as exposed aggregate.

Roadline Removal Group operates 8 water blasting machines across Australia and has offices in every State and Territory in Australia, ready to service all pavement cleaning needs.