Concrete Ramp Surface Preparation

Client: Sealy Australia

Project Address: South Australia

Scope of Works: Remove concrete slurry via high pressure water blasting to roughen up the concrete aggregate to prevent forklift incidents during inclement weather.

Equipment Used: Stripe Hog 3000


In 2017 Sealy Australia contacted Roadline Removal to assess a slip resistance issue on their concrete loading dock ramps. High pressure water blasting was determined to be the best course of action, and using the Stripe Hog 3000, we were able to successfully prepare the concrete surface for vehicle use. Removing latent concrete slurry allowed the aggregate to expose and create a macro texture which when wet wouldn’t pose any safety concerns for forklift drivers or pedestrians.

The preparation of surfaces is key to good pavement performance, and Roadline Removal were very happy to have been able to assist in creating a safer workplace, and a better overall pavement surface.