Runway Friction Testing

Client: Canberra Airport

Project Address: Canberra

Scope of Works: Perform friction testing to grooved runway substrate and provide an electronic report against the planned maintenance line to assess the friction properties of the in-use runway under wet conditions.

Equipment Used: SARSYS Friction Testing Unit


Runway Safety is one of the aviation industry’s largest ongoing compliance thresholds, specified by CASA and ICAO as being crucial to passenger and user safety. Built up rubber from landing aircraft can create friction hazards in wet weather, and regular friction audits allows all major airports to keep ahead of this ongoing maintenance issue. In March 2019, Canberra Airport engaged Roadline Removal to provide friction testing by continuous wet wheel methodology, and provide an electronic report showing any areas of concern. The SARSYS Friction Testing unit, a vehicle driven trailer is very efficient and provides real-time data to a vehicle mounted computer.

As the testing unit is trailer based, this means testing can be performed in between aircraft movements without creating unnecessary safety risks. Within 24hours of testing, the asset manager had been emailed a report showing how the current runway condition compared to the legislated thresholds. Roadline Removal is proud to have now purchased a second SARSYS Unit ready to service Australia’s airports.