Runway Rubber Removal

Client: Civilcraft

Project Address: New South Wales

Scope of Works: Remove existing runway rubber prior to PME overlay to improve adhesion qualities and friction properties under wet conditions using high pressure water blasting. Provide friction test results via continuous wet wheel friction testing equipment.

Equipment Used: EHR Cleanstar & SARSYS Friction Testing Unit


In August 2019, Civilcraft; a leading Defence contractor, engaged Roadline Removal to remove in excess of 15,000m2 of existing rubber to an operational RAAF Base runway in central New South Wales prior to the overlay of the existing surface. With Defence projects come tight time frames, key milestones, and strict security protocols. Utilising our national network of water blasting equipment, Roadline Removal was able to call upon our largest unit from Queensland and deliver this project well ahead of schedule.

Works were performed under night conditions, and no issues were recorded. The professionalism of our staff speaks volumes in achieving project outcomes ahead of time and on budget. The capacity to mobilise quickly and outperform key milestones means we are also delivering cost savings in time, manpower, project management, and ultimately allowing our client to return the operational capacity of a key Defence runway back quicker.