Surf Parade, Broadbeach

Client: Brick N Pave

Project Address: Queensland

Scope of Works: Apply high pressure water blasting to interlocked pavers to remove all coatings and return the texture of the pavers to avoid slip hazards.

Equipment Used: Stripe Hog 3000 (Hand-Held Attachment)


In 2018, Brick N Pave contracted Roadline Removal to remove old and flaky coatings from a section of footpath which was made up of interlocked pavers, and in doing so increase the texture of the existing surface. As the footpath was in a high use thoroughfare, and outside commercial tenancies, the use of high-pressure water blasting was the only environmentally sound and efficient removal methodology, so as not to create dust, noise, or public perception issues. Using our hand-held attachment, attached to the Stripe Hog 3000, we were able to successfully remove all coatings, including the hard to reach interlocked routed paver edges.

Using high pressure water blasting was very successful, and resulted in the works being completed ahead of schedule, and minimised the disruption to patrons and users of the footpath.