RSAF Apron Expansion

Client: FKG Civil

Project Address: Queensland

Scope of Works: Line marking removal of existing pavement markings using high pressure water blasting; remove concrete curing compound prior to installing new line marking with water blast; and install new line marking to CASA Specifications.

Equipment Used: Stripe Hog 3000


Roadline Removal was contracted by FKG Civil in September 2019 to provide line removal and line marking for the permanent installation of apron expansion facilities at RSAF Base, Oakey. High pressure water blasting provided an efficient, FOD free, clean working environment; therefore, ensuring the best outcome was achieved for the project, confirming water blasting as a proven mechanism for all removal type works. Works were conducted under a tight timeframe and required very specific hold points, inspection test data, and compliance with CASA aviation pavement marking specifications.

Utilising the Stripe Hog 3000, Roadline Removal were successfully able to complete works within budget, and on time, helping our client to deliver a world class aviation pavement project. The removal of concrete curing compound using the Stripe Hog allows for 100% adhesion of new line marking paints to the textured concrete. This crucial step in pavement preparation provides our client with peace of mind, and no warranty issues.