TMR Metropolitan Skid Resistance Works

Client: Department of Transport & Main Roads

Project Address: Queensland

Scope of Works: Shot blasting to existing concrete and asphalt substrates, to improve texture depth and friction properties under wet conditions; particularly in black spot identified road reserves. Provide texture depth results via handheld laser texture depth testing equipment.

Equipment Used: RoadPro 6200


Roadline Removal was contracted by TMR in May 2019 to provide existing road infrastructure improvements by shot blast methodology. Works were conducted under live traffic, with no incidents or near misses reported. Shot Blast provides an alternative retexturing method where concrete and asphalt substrates require increased micro-texture. Roadline Removal retextured over 40,000m2 of concrete and asphalt via shot blast, successfully increasing the texture depth and friction properties of the existing surface. Very quick, efficient, and self-contained; the RoadPro 6200 minimises dust and clean up problems, resulting in no road user or stakeholder complaints. Post work auditing conducted by our trained staff using the handheld laser texture depth measuring device confirmed that all project outcomes were achieved, and the Roadline Removal is proud to have contributed to delivering a safer journey for road users.